Octavio rojas

He is an expert in communications and public relations with a global vision, as it has offered its consulting services in Mexico, his homeland, as in Spain, where he lives since 1997, and in Ecuador since 2012.

Formed in Communication Sciences at the Universidad del Valle de Mexico, he specialized in corporate and advertising communication as well as communication and political management at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Award winning writer and radio in Mexico, Latin America and Europe, he was also the recipient of a Web Award in the category "Standard of Excellence" by the creation of the website of the Spanish interprofessional organization INTERCUN rabbit meat.

He is a columnist and contributor to media specializing in communication and public relations in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay. He also writes in English for US publications, and Portuguese for Brazilian and Portuguese media .

He is a guest speaker at several universities in Spain and Mexico, and is a professor at ESIC since 2006, in the Degree of Advertising and Public Relations.

He is the organizer of Beers & Blogs Madrid, an informal meeting of bloggers which takes place every month since 2005 and is the organizer of Web. Conversation that have been held since 2007.